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Risk Modeling & Analytics

Risk modeling is a must for many companies.  Understanding and quantifying risk is a core concern of CFO’s, board risk committees, regulators and shareholders.  Companies that can effectively quantify and monitor risk have much greater ability to confidently grow their business and enter new markets.  We can help.

  • Risk modeling is a complex undertaking that requires a blend of technical skills and practical understanding of how markets work.  We have many years of experience in building risk models relating to commodity and foreign exchange markets.  We have developed our own proprietary approaches to modeling commodity price paths and correlations for both flat price and futures/basis markets.  We have taken many of the risk modeling techniques used in the financial markets and applied them to commodity and currency risk.

  • Building the pricing models needed to support new pricing programs or insurance products is one of our core competencies.  We are experienced in designing and building pricing models for forward pricing programs, option-based pricing programs and various types of insurance products.  

  • Exploring a new trading or hedging strategy?  We can help with modeling and back testing trading ideas to turn them into sound business strategies.   

There are a wide range of opportunities for utilizing different types of models and customized analytics relating to commodity markets – all aimed at turning risk to your advantage.


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