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Risk Consulting

Many companies face some form of commodity risk that has a significant impact on their bottom line.  For some it overwhelms everything else they do.  Governments and commodity organizations worldwide have an interest in ensuring well-functioning commodity markets with effective price discovery and opportunities for managing risk.   We can help.

  • Success begins with an understanding of how commodity markets and risk fit within your strategic and business objectives.  We can assist you with designing an approach to risk to meet those objectives and turn risk to your advantage.  

  • Have you considered different ways of pricing your products to provide enhanced customer service and/or reduce your risk?  We have many years of experience with this, including the design of new forward pricing and options-based programs.

  • How can government and private insurance companies better assist producers with managing commodity price risk through insurance products?  We have done a considerable amount of design and development work for price and revenue insurance for commodity markets. 

  • Need help monitoring hedge positions and evaluating your performance?   We can assist you with building a robust monitoring system or provide you with independent, third-party monitoring services. 

We leave the forecasting of prices to others and focus on helping our clients develop lasting solutions that turn risk to their advantage.


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